3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wait To Replace Your Cracked Windshield


If you have a rock chip or small crack in your windshield, you may not be too worried about repairing it quickly since it doesn't hinder your ability to get from point A to point B. However, keep in mind that cracks can expand due to changes in temperature, so the issue could get progressively worse if it isn't taken care of. While small cracks may only cost about $30 to fix, cracks that expand can be much more costly and require complete windshield replacement. While you may want to put off replacement, you could inadvertently accrue more costs with procrastination. A cracked windshield is much more than a cosmetic issue. Here are three reasons why you shouldn't wait to repair the crack as soon as possible.

1. You Could Fail an Inspection

Every state has different laws, but many states have laws that require inspections for emissions and safety. If a crack impairs the structural integrity of your vehicle or hinders your line of sight, then you may fail an inspection. A failure isn't inherently bad as you usually have a grace period to make any necessary changes for a re-inspection. While some states have grace periods for you to make a replacement, some states are stricter, and you can be subject to fines and/or police citations.

2.You Could Be Liable for an Accident

Even small cracks can hinder your vision because they increase the risk of sun glare. When sunlight hits the uneven surfaces of a crack, the light is reflected and redirected inside the car. Again, while each state has different laws, you could be liable for any accidents because driving in sun glare can be a negligible act. In Alabama, unforeseeable events, like an earthquake, could constitute an "act of God" argument against liability, but because the rising and setting of the sun is a predictable event, you could be liable for accidents caused by sun glare.

In the Virginia case Nelson v. Dayton, it was ruled that drivers with obstructed visions were required to be more diligent. Another Virginia case—Anderson v. Payne—found that a windshield that wasn't cleared of frost constituted negligence since it obstructed vision. Although that case doesn't relate to sun glare, it does place the onus on the driver to make any necessary changes or repairs—like fixing a windshield crack—to avoid liability. In short, repairing your windshield not only saves you from the costs of possible citations but from the risk of litigation.  

3. You Could Be Putting Yourself and Your Passengers in Danger

According to the Auto Glass Safety Council, your windshield is responsible for 45% of your vehicle's structural integrity during front-end collisions and as much as 60% of the structural support during a roll-over accident. As you can see, a crack in your windshield is much more than a simple cosmetic problem; your risk of injury increases when the strength of your windshield decreases.

Besides providing structural support during an accident, windshields play an important role in directing airbags towards drivers and passengers. If a windshield is cracked, then airbags may not be as efficient, and passengers could be ejected from a vehicle during a crash. Compromised windshields can shatter and cause injury from glass shards; windshields with cracks are also less likely to protect from future rock chips or other falling debris from other vehicles.

You may be hesitant to replace your windshield because you are worried that your insurance rates may go up, but some companies will offer free windshield replacements under comprehensive coverage plans. Typically, these replacements, along with the vehicle inspection, shouldn't affect the overall price of your car insurance because companies want you to make efforts to improve your car's safety for yourself and your passengers.

Don't wait for a windshield crack to get worse. Reach out to a windshield replacement company in your area for more help.


16 June 2021

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