Understanding Windshield Repair


As a car owner, you have to prepare for windshield repair at some point. Your windshield may get damaged because of wear and tear or after an accident. Whatever the reason for the damage, you need to familiarize yourself with some elements of windshield repair.

Difference Between Windshield Repair and Replacement

During windshield replacement, the technician will remove your entire windshield. On the other hand, when repairing your windshield, the mechanic will inject resin into the damaged glass. 

When repairing the windshield, the technician will cure the resin with a UV light to form a strong bond that prevents the glass from cracking. While windshield repair doesn't solve all types of windshield damage, it restores the integrity of the glass and improves the appearance of the damage.

Why Not Use a DIY Windshield Repair Kit

Many car owners prefer to repair their windshields with inexpensive kits. However, these kits can obscure your visibility more than the scratch or crack you attempted to fix. DIY repair kits may shorten the lifespan of your windshield.

Additionally, using DIY repair kits can void any warranty you have on your auto glass. To improve the structural integrity of your damaged windshield, you should hire a windshield repair technician.

How Long Does Windshield Replacement Take

Some people avoid professional windshield replacement because they think it takes too long. However, if left unattended, the crack can spread because of temperature fluctuations, which cause the glass to contract and expand. Cracks also get worse because of the vibrations and shaking caused by hitting potholes and driving on rough roads.

Typically, windshield repairs take a few minutes. A replacement takes a few hours, which allows time for the adhesive to cure. When the glass isn't given enough time for curing, it could detach from the vehicle. The time required for windshield repair and replacement depends on the urethane used, the airbag system in your car, the humidity, and the temperature.

Difference Between an OEM and OEE Windshield

The original glass that comes with your automobile is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshield. The Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) is a windshield manufactured by a different glass company from your car's original manufacturer. While both windshields come with the same standards, you may prefer OEM glasses over OEE because they hold a warranty.

Many people cannot tell whether to repair or replace their windshield. One rule of thumb is to avoid DIY repairs at all costs. Consulting a repair technician can save you further damages and expenses in the future.

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16 August 2022

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